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Set Your Price
Consider these issues before determining your price

Analyze the sales in your area;
While there are many factors that determine a property’s value, comparing recent sales of similar homes is still the most reliable way to set your price. Consider the following when weighing the amenities against other homes that have sold in your neighborhood;

  • Compare your home to others that have sold in the neighborhood
  • Consider the gross square footage and room count (number of bedrooms, bathrooms. etc.)
  • Location is a factor. Are you near an unsightly power lines or adverse traffic, or do you have a superior view or more private surroundings like a canyon or park adjacent to your home
  • Consider trends – are the recent sales declining or increasing?
If you would like professional help, contact an agent from our database to inspect and provide a comparative market analysis. They would be happy to give you a professional opinion of the value of your property. (find an agent)

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